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Our Time belongs to God

Every second we are alive is a gift from God. We should not live aimlessly through life because our time on earth is limited.  Read online:

A Good Steward

God doesn’t give us things just to look after, but to invest into His Kingdom.  Read online:

A Slave is Faithful

Faithfulness implies all or nothing. You can not be a little bit faithful. You are either faithful or not.  Read online: 

Often we get busy with what we think needs to be done and find ourselves with no time left to do what God had plainly told us to do.  Read online:

A Slave is submissive

What does this mean to us as slaves of Christ? It means we are to always submit to the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ in all areas of life.  Read online:  http://www.jtdyer....

The word bondservant was a Roman term and mainly refers to a slave that became a permanent slave to one master out of choice.  Read online:

We are charged to think of ourselves the way Christ did. He was God in the flesh, yet He chose to take the status of a servant. Read online:

The Freedom Paradox

Our freedom in Christ is an interesting paradox. In Christ, we enjoy simultaneous freedom and slavery. We are now under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Read online:  http://www.jtd...

When God refers to Himself as your Father, he has in mind nothing but the very best for you. God is no ordinary father. 

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