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When we completely set our gaze on the greatness of God and put our faith in Him, everything else seems possible and nothing is impossible for Him. Read online:  http://www.jtdye...

Remain True to Scripture

Not only does our love for God have a direct influence on our obedience to His Word, but so does out love for other. Read online:

God’s Word is Powerful

God’s Word, the Bible, has a precision and power you will find nowhere else. Read it with an open heart and allow it to transform you. Read online:

As we read the gospels it is clear, Jesus accepted the statements of the Old Testament Scriptures as historically accurate and factually true. Read online:

What is Sola Scriptura?

We should remember this vital fact as we read our Bibles. God is speaking! We should remember this vital fact as we read our Bibles. God is speaking! Read online: http://www.jtdye...

500 years of Reformation

The Reformers sought to re-orient Christianity on the original message of Jesus and the early church. This desire gave birth to the ‘The Five Solas. Read online: http://www.jtdy...

We must stop trying to compromise with the enemy. How long are we prepared to settle for less than the sure and enduring freedom God longs for us to experiences?  Read online: ht...

Enduring freedom

Jesus came to give us lasting freedom. He came to deal with the issue of sin in our lives and give us new life in Him. Read online:

Free to Love

When we remember how far from God we were and yet how He loved us, it prompts us to love others. Read online:

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