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Some of you reading this have had setbacks and disappointments along your journey – BUT THE TIME IS COMING FOR YOU TO ENTER INTO YOUR LAND OF PROMISE! Read online: http://www.jt...

God's way of Success

God’s formula for success is completely unlike the world’s formula. Furthermore, His formula works for every person, in every situation, whether at school, in business, familie...

The place we call home

The place we call home

Focus on eternity

Life is a gift from God and He blesses us every day in so many ways! We must enjoy this gift while keeping a right focus and perspective on eternity. Read online: http://www.jtdye...

A better future

Read online: :

God wants to bless your life in every way. Notice here we are not talking about an easy life, but a blessed life. Read online:

How would we react if like Paul, there was some hurt in our life, some continuing disability or weakness, or pain, that we have asked the Lord to remove it, not once, not twice, bu...

Sometimes we spend so long waiting for God to speak to us in some amazing way that we don't allow him to speak to us in our everyday life.  Read online:

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